Rare Set of 8 Matching Georgian Sterling Salts

A fine set of large neoclassical salts all engraved with the crest of a Marquess. Six of the salts were made by London silversmith  Thomas Daniel in 1788-9 and two more were made in the early 19th century to match with the same engraved crest. Our friend in The U.K. who studies such things extensively believes they were most likely the property of John Browne, Marquess of Sligo. There are nine matching period salt spoons with shaped bowls, each a little over 4 inches long,  and all with the same engraved crest by several different makers. The salts all retain a bit of their original gold wash.  24 troy ounces total.



call (540) 371-1766

Origin:  England
Period: 1788-9+ c.

H: 3"   W: 5.5"   D: 2.1"
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