Treaty of Peace With Sardinia and the Barbary Powers

A rare and interesting large format printed document published in Torino in 1816. There is an elegant manuscript title on the paper cover which translates to “Treaty of peace and friendship with King of Sardinia and the Barbary Powers” The eleven ¬†printed pages are comprised of a title page and ten more text pages having the treaty in three side by side columns of English, Italian and French. The preamble explains that the treaty between the King of Sardinia and the Governor of Algiers was negotiated by Edward Baron Exmouth, Admiral of the Blue squadron of His Britannic Majesty’s fleet. A printed but unused double sheet of letterhead from the Sardinian consul to America is included.

The blank rear sheet has a closed tear.


call (540) 371-1766

Origin:  Italy
Period: 1816 c.

H: 15.5"   W: 10"

Inquire print Category:
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