St. Paul’s Cathedral and Albert the Good, a Snuff Box

A heavy [236 grams] silvered brass or bronze round snuff box. The bottom is engraved “Made from the old ball & cross of St. Paul’s Cathedral, 1821” the top displays a small portrait medallion flanked by angels and titled “Albert the Good”

The present ball and cross atop St. Paul’s, London date from 1821. The 1708 original was taken down at that time and souvenirs were made from the metal.¬†Albert the Good, the Prince Consort, died in 1861 so our best guess is that his image was added to a 40 year old box shortly after his passing.


call (540) 371-1766

Origin:  London
Period: 1821 and 1861 c.

H: .8"   W: 2.8"   D: 2.8"
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