Important Virginia Chippendale Pie Crust Tea Table, School of Robert Walker

This table exhibits two unique characteristics that have been recognized for many years as distinctive and indicative of the Robert Walker products from King George County. The piecrust edge of the top is divided into nine segments, rather than the typical eight or ten. The elongated balls [eggs] of the ball and claw feet are cut square on their inner edge, as are all of the other known Walker tables, rather than the usual rounded or pointed shape. Other aspects invite close comparison. The feet seem virtually identical to the Stratford example. The turnings at the top and bottom of the column follow the outline of the Stratford and MESDA tables, though without the more elaborate carving. The stance of the legs is that of the Walker tables, unlike Philadelphia, New York or even Norfolk examples. The tilting mechanism is a simple square block and not the revolving bird cage seen in the North. The top is beautifully figured mahogany like the other Walker tables. The asymmetrical knee carving is quite interesting and bears a relation to the carving on several published Walker chairs, but is really most similar to the knees of the Hay shop card table at Colonial Williamsburg.

A very rare and stylish colonial Virginia table.    Shown by appointment only.


call (540) 371-1766

Origin:  Virginia
Period: 1760's c.

H: 29.5"   W: 32"   D: 32"
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