Bailey & Co. Philadelphia Flatware Service for 8

A beautiful and interesting bright cut engraved pattern featuring a unicorn. Most pieces are marked “Bailey & co” with the pseudo English hallmarks including an “S” to denote sterling when they were advertising that their silver was as good as English. The tea spoons and desert spoons are marked “Bailey, Banks & Biddle-sterling” indicating that the set was assembled over a period of years. There are no knives and since none of it seems to have seen much use my guess is that the set was never completed though it could have been used with bone handled steel blade knives which would be appropriate for the period.

8 tablespoons, 8 dessert spoons, 8 teaspoons, 8 dinner forks and 8 luncheon forks.

58 troy ounces.

Philadelphia 1850-80 c.Reference number: 28561